Happy Birthday, @Meakitty!

Today on Facebook, one of my friends posted that it was her birthday this month. In this post, she made a request that everyone she knows do something artistic and creative as a gift. I was keen to do something in Photoshop, but then I saw my partner break out her Wacom tablet.

So I decided to break out mine, too.

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Well, here it is. One abhorrently drawn, kitten. Happy Birthday.


Chuck Wagon 175: The Joffrey Baratheon

For this food adventure, my partner and I went to my favourite restaurant, Chuck Wagon (or Chuck Wagon 175) located in North Adelaide. Chuck Wagon specializes in American-style street food, with a wide range of choices from gourmet sweet bun burgers to buffalo wings.

Going outside of the norm, I opted to order something other than my usual meal of a dozen boneless buffalo wings. I was determined to try another of the burgers that made me fall in love with the place, but details of that will come later in this post.


Starting the night off with a large serving of Chilli Cheese Fries, these bad boys are a hot plate of show string fries covered with cheese and salt, topped off with a beef mince Chilli Con Carne sauce and cream cheese sauce.

You start by picking up individual chips and dragging it through the cheese and sauce. The chips and the chilli con carne sauce compliment each other well, and you continue eating until you get sauce all over your fingers, at which point you pick up the fork and devour the rest.

Whoever thought of this dish is a genius.


Now we move onto the main meal, which as the title of this post suggests, is named after the most hated (and now dead) character in HBO’s Game of Thrones, King Joffrey Baratheon (featured left).

This burger is one of their current specials to coincide with the show’s latest season, which changes each week for ten weeks, meaning ten different limited special menu items named after various characters. Last week was the The Khalcheesey and this week is The Joffrey Baratheon.


As you can see in the above picture, a number of ingredients have gone into this speciality burger. The patty itself is thick and juicy and has the distinctive flavour of it being made fresh in-house, the onion jam tastes like a berry sweet caramelized onion sauce and the bacon just hits the sweet spot like it always does. Mix in red wine and garlic aioli sauce and its like a sweet-tasting punch in the mouth.

Some of my burger fell out into my plate (as they normally do, because I’m shit at containing burger ingredients in the bun), but this wasn’t an issue. Grab your fork and eat it up, because it tastes amazing with or without the sweet bun.


Up next is dessert, where we have American Waffles with Nutella sauce, sliced bananas, iced cream and something that looks and tastes like icing sugar.

I’m sure that I don’t need to describe what it tastes like, as I’m sure anyone reading this has had either waffles, bananas, iced cream or Nutella individually. But mix ‘em together, and you have an epic dessert. This item is supposed to feature strawberries in the mix also, however Chuck Wagon had run out of them, but this didn’t detract from overall taste.


Finally, I’d like to talk about the overall experience.

Not once since I started eating at Chuck Wagon have I had a bad experience. The staff are both friendly and courteous, and I often spend a considerable amount of time both during and after our meal talking with the manager Dion about various topics, ranging from anime to video games.

The venue design has quite the flow of nostalgic American culture here, with an assortment of awesome movie posters on the wall to a full-sized Captain America statue standing guard at the doors (featured above). Aside from the nostalgia kick, the venue also features a “Wall of Fame” and a “Wall of Shame” for those game enough to try their hand at the Chuck Wagon speciality challenges (such as the Commando Challenge and Inferno Challenge).

That about wraps up this post. I do encourage that anyone reading this should check out Chuck Wagon. They’re located on the northern end of O’Connell Street in North Adelaide, just by the Piccadilly Cinema (just look for the big Captain America statue, you can’t miss it). I guarantee you that this is not the last food adventure I blog about here.


My kitten is a f***ing jerk.

Just a quick photoshare. My partner and I had sat down to eat dinner and watch Stargate, and my boy-kitten Charlie thought it would be a good idea to stop me from eating my pizza by sitting on the box. Fucking jerk.


Fancy Burger: The Holy Smokes


Fancy Burger, one of many gourmet burger restaurant franchises popping up around Adelaide, serving up locally made, premium American-styled burgers to the masses.

If you’ve never been to a gourmet burger joint before, you should forget all prior established conceptions of what a burger is while you read this, especially if you’re thinking of MacDonald’s or Hungry Jacks.

Gourmet burgers are not your run of the mill fast food burger. They’re not cheap, they don’t look like much but they are damn tasty. Pricing for gourmet burgers can start anywhere from $9.00 usually.

As this was my first time, and there was no guarantee I would come back to try the rest of the menu, I ordered a spicy burger (because I love spicy food, even if my body doesn’t).


Introducing the “Holy Smokes” burger, made with 100% South Australian beef, char grilled peppers, smoked chilli mayonnaise, your usual assortment of salads (lettuce, tomato) and barbecue relish on a sesame seed bun.

This burger turned out to be larger than I expected (based on previous experiences with gourmet burgers), with the size of the burger requiring use of both hands for the initial bites.

Speaking of initial bites, I wasn’t smacked in the face with spices like I expected. The burger had a flavourful BBQ tomato tang with a creamy herb mayonnaise mix, but the spice wasn’t there to begin with. After eating through most of the burger, I could feel the spice had built to a comfortable level, but nowhere near overwhelmingly spicy.

But one thing to keep in mind is that everyone has a different tolerance to spice, so there is no point comparing my spicy level to someone else’s.

Overall, the “Holy Smokes” tastes great. The burger cost me $11.30 on its own, and somewhere near $14.00 for a drink too (pink lemonade, oh yeah).


On to side dishes. For some reason, I expected a small serving of fries to be included with the burger purchase, but as it turns out they’re extra. I didn’t actually buy any, but one of my co-workers I was with shared his large box of chips with the rest of us, so I was at least able to try them (Thanks, Sammy P).

The chips are long flat-cut thick chips with covered in a small amount of various herbs and salt, and are crispy golden – probably bad on the arteries but delicious on the taste buds.


With the chips comes a “Chorizo flavoured” sauce, which tasted like cheesy mayonnaise with a bit of tang. It was great as a dipping sauce but I’m keen to see it on a burger.

The aesthetic design of the venue I would describe as “modernly edgy,” with hand drawn anime characters on wooden walls, and makeshift tables outside. Tables are numbered with bowling trophies that have big numbers on them, and there was a small patio area that had some homey wallpaper and lampshades. I couldn’t take pictures of this because it was occupied the entire time we were there.


The venue itself is down an alleyway just off of Rundle Street in the Adelaide CBD. The actual street name is Synogue Place and its right at the end.

My final words would be that it’s a delicious feed but don’t make it a habit if eating there, especially if you’re on the budget, as I’d expect the total cost per head to be around the $20.00 mark.

Well that about wraps up this little food adventure, although I seem to have written it like a review which isn’t intentional – I just put my thoughts to paper and viola, instant review.

Next Food write-up will be from one of my favourite restaurants, Chuck Wagon.


Fresh blog, fresh start.

After months of procrastination, lack of motivation to write anything and becoming bored with the blog theme and layout every five seconds, I’m finally back and I think I’m ready to write some actual content.

It seems that when I gain the motivation to write, I load up my blog URL and log in and immediately become disgusted with the way the blog looks.

It is usually at this point, that I proceed to spend the next several hours searching the Internet for a new theme which often ends in me giving up in frustration and putting it back on the back-burner until the next burst of motivation.

But I’ve finally found a theme I think I can stick with (with a few minor callback alterations) and begin to focus on writing regular content. Once a regular writing pattern is established, the long-term goal is to post all my inane shit here instead of Facebook.

Anyway, I guess I’ll end it on that note. Here is a YouTube video of the song I’m currently listening to. Peace.